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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device


BYOD is encouraged at the college.

The college acknowledges the educational value of digital devices and online services in supporting and enhancing educational outcomes and student wellbeing. We also recognise they may cause harm if used inappropriately and that we need to support our students to use them in safe, responsible and respectful ways.

The college is well resourced with desktop devices available in computer labs, the library and other locations across the campus. Other devices and AV equipment is also available to students through the Student Learning Centre and within specialist courses.

Student Devices – BYOD

Details of suggested devices can be found on the link provided below.

Some specialist courses will require different specifications for devices. Graphics cards, larger SSD's etc may be required.
Information should be sought from the teachers of subjects such as Industrial Technology Multimedia.

Network Connection and printing

Filtered internet access is provided by NSW DET at the college. Instructions and assistance with connecting to hte network will be provided early on in Term 1.

Printing is available to students at the college, but is currently restricted to campus provided desktop devices (no wireless printing).

Online Services

DOE provides the students with access to a range of applications and learning tools through their DOE student portal.
This can be accessed at using their DOE credentials.

The college also offers a CHSC student portal to access daily messages, student timetables, reports etc.
This can be found at

The Stile LMS is used at the college to provide class material to all students online. Students are provided with access keys to class material by their teachers at the commencement of each academic year.

This can be found at

Software provided by DOE

Microsoft Office 365 is provided to all students using their accounts. This includes online applications and storage, as well as the installation of desktop applications to personal devices.

Google Drive and other Google applications are also available to all students using their account.

Adobe Creative Cloud applications are available to install on personal devices.


The college IT is supported by CHECiT. The IT helpdesk can be found in the SLC under the library.

Online support can be found at CHECiT

BYOD Device Requirements and purchasing portal


The college has a BYOD portal with selected devices available to purchase through JB Hifi.

The college code for this site is: CoffsHarbour2024


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